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datexIn business since 1978, Datex is a “One Stop Shop” provider of supply chain solutions, mobile technologies and the development of automated systems. Datex has clients throughout North America, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. A Microsoft Gold Partner, Datex provides supply chain software, hardware and services to ensure that clients receive a complete “end to end” solution to meet client needs and expectations.

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Datex as a “One Stop Solution Provider”..

Purchasing hardware through Datex ensures that all devices and equipment will be properly installed and configured to meet the needs of Datex FootPrint WMS. This can save businesses considerable time, money, labor and frustration and ensure a smoother implementation process. Datex also offers managed services, mobile device management and repair depot services to ensure that all clients receive the foremost care and attention to meet their specific business needs.

Many Datex clients prefer to purchase a “One Stop Shop” Solution which incorporates the following elements into one affordable package:

•  Datex WMS software and professional services

•  Mobile computers and hardware

•  Managed services including mobile device

Datex Software:

The Datex Warehouse Management System, Datex FootPrint WMS

WMSDatex FootPrint WMS is the core product of the Datex software solution line which includes warehouse management software and software modules for 3PL, enterprise WMS, manufacturing, procurement, cartonization, shipping management and more. In recognition of software excellence, Datex has been a proud recipient of the Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Providers and Food Logistics FL 100 for the past seven consecutive years.

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Here are some highlights of our WMS software:

Our Technology

• Datex FootPrint WMS is Microsoft .NET based system uses Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation to create a highly flexible WMS that can be configured by trained IT resources
• The Datex WMS uses Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) to provide “drag and drop” reporting
• System developed “from the ground up” with only one system log in required

WMS System Functionality

• Familiar user interface
• Software is easy to learn, use and master
• System includes typical WMS features plus more advanced functionality
• Developed by and is supported exclusively using internal company resources
• Contains features to help compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
and the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).
• Additional features specifically for cold storage and temperature controlled environments
• Key quality assurance features including multiple simultaneous holds, quarantine, inspections
• Includes full audit trail of all activity
• Stores documents such as certifications, inspection reports, photos of damaged inventory and other files
• Ideal for all types of inventory including bulk products, temperature sensitive, high value, serialized and Lot controlled components and finished goods

User Friendly System Features

• Screens can be customized and saved for each user
• User Defined Fields available
• Dockable windows
• Ability to filter data
• Ability to subscribe to and receive reports automatically
• Ability to show and hide columns
• System alerts and notifications
• Easy to attach documents, images, video and more to inventory records
• Drag and drop” customizable reporting system

Datex 3PL Warehouse Management Software


Developed to give 3PL operations the ability to meet complex business needs, Datex 3PL WMS software provides the flexibility, scalability, visibility and accuracy needed to capture and bill for all types of inventory and billing conditions in real time.  Datex software makes customizing labels, documents, invoices and reports for each customer easy.

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Advanced 3PL Billing Capabilities

• Activity based billing
• Use mobile devices to capture and bill for all accessorial charges in real time
• Initial storage with split month billing
• Anniversary billing
• Recurring storage billing
•Inbound/outbound handling charges
• Any type of value added or accessorial charge can be captured and billed in real time

Meets the Complex Business Needs of 3PLs

• Multi-client
• Multi-commodity (multiple types of inventory)
• Multi-site
• Owner transfer
• Cloaked owner transfer
• Warehouse transfers

Provide Data Visibility to 3PL clients using the optional Datex ePortal

• 24/7/365  Visibility by 3PL customers:  view orders, shipments, attachments, inventory, invoices and reports

Datex FootPrint WMS Procurement Module

ERPThe Datex Procurement Module provides suite of tools to help businesses contain, track, analyze and control costs.

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Datex FootPrint WMS Procurement Module Features

• Ideal for large companies, business enterprises including engineering firms, mining, oil and gas and utility operations
• Provides enterprise level control over purchasing and asset management.
• Manage bulk material and specialized equipment purchases
• Monitor the approval process
• Execute bid and vendor analysis
• Assign and manage critical project resources
• Administer and manage contracts and amendments

Datex FootPrint WMS for the Enterprise

ModulesDeveloped for large enterprise level operations, the Datex warehouse management system for the enterprise accommodates a higher level of business complexity and system users while providing a wide array of features for handling and storing multiple commodities simultaneously.

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Datex Enterprise WMS Features

• Multi-site inventory and order visibility
• Multi-client inventory management
• Multi-site inventory management (warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sales offices and more)
• Multi-site receipts: system can receive against the same purchase order at multiple facilities
• Inter-facility transfers: system can transfer stock from one DC to another on one application
• Vendor order splitting: system can change an inbound purchase order and have stock delivered from multiple sites
• Multi-currency support
• Multi-language support
• Multiple units of measure
• Ability to see detailed information across the enterprise with drill down detail
• System provides global performance metrics to measure order fulfillment across the entire enterprise

Datex FootPrint WMS Manufacturing Module

EDI2Developed to facilitate light manufacturing, the Datex Manufacturing Module includes functionality for kitting and assembly, production and quality assurance and control to keep operations running efficiently with minimal waste.

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Datex Manufacturing Module Features

• Sub-assembly
• Kitting and de-kitting
• Bill of Materials creation
• Track and balance raw materials, packaging and inventory during production
• Automatically advance expiration date of inventory based on time out of optimal storage conditions such as refrigeration
• Ability to alter Lot numbers without losing historical information
• Multiple simultaneous holds
• Ability to schedule inspections, testing, quarantine inventory

Datex FootPrint WMS Cartonization Module

3PLThe Datex Cartonization Module selects optimized packaging based upon the dimensions, weight, position, fragility and other factors of the products being shipped.

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Datex Cartonization Module Features

• Uses SKU and order data with business rules to make automated packaging decisions
• System considers special need factors for each item as well and interaction of items when determining order packaging requirements
• Includes the ability to handle efficient packaging of specialized items
• System can be used manually or system directed
• Supports re-cartonization of shipments multiple times as needed
• Designed to reduce waste, order turns, damages, labor and freight costs

Datex FootPrint WMS Shipping Management Module

CourierDeveloped to provide more cost effective means to handle shipping for warehouse operations, the Datex Shipping Management Module includes a suite of tools to help improve accuracy, lower shipping costs and reduce manual labor costs.

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Datex Shipping Management Module Features

• Designed to be connected to a scale and conveyor to prevent over/under weight packages from being shipped
• Users can compare and contrast accurate current shipping rates across multiple carriers including LTL
• Resolves the challenge of integrating and automating parcel information with carriers
• Streamlines shipping operations, reducing time, errors and labor
• Ensures carrier compliance requirements by generating compliant labels and documentation
• Produces documentation including Bill of Lading (BOL) and labels

Datex Managed Services

ManufacturingDatex provides a suite of optional services to help Datex FootPrint WMS clients that need or desire to have some additional technical expertise to augment their staffs.

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Current managed service offerings:

• Web hosting
• Mobile device management (MDM)
• Managed security
• Managed network
• Disaster recovery and other IT services.

Datex Mobility Solutions

Mobile DeviceIn business since 1978, Datex has a wealth of real world experience selling and supporting hardware for retail and industrial environments such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and in courier, healthcare, vaults and other environments.

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Datex Hardware Solutions include:

• Mobile handheld, voice controlled and wearable devices
• Barcode readers
• Barcode scanners
• Printers
• Tablets

In partnership with industry leading manufacturers such as Motorola Solutions, Honeywell, Zebra and others, Datex can provide the guidance needed to make the selections that will best suit each business and industry need.

Other hardware services:

• Device configuration
• Troubleshooting
• RF site surveys

Datex Service:  Repair Depot

HealthcareWhen the technology devices that power businesses fail, efficiency and productivity are lost and customer satisfaction rates suffer. Trust Datex to keep your mobile technology up and running.

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Fast, high quality repairs for:

• Mobile devices
• Barcode scanners
• Barcode readers
• Printers
• Smartphones
• Tablets

Datex Repair Depot Services:


• Datex provides out of warranty, warranty and extended warranty service for most manufacturers.

Equipment Buybacks:

• Ready to purchase newer technology? Datex offers equipment buybacks at great rates.

Repairs and Maintenance Contracts

• Datex can either provide maintenance and service contracts or handle repairs on a time and materials basis.


Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

WarehouseLooking for a warehouse management system (WMS) for your warehouse or third party logistics (3PL) can seem daunting, but take heart. When it comes down to warehouse management software that creates tremendous efficiencies, boosts productivity and increases visibility throughout your operation, you have found it. Datex FootPrint WMS creates a nearly seamless synchronization of people, technology and the proper business processes to achieve the results your business needs to remain competitive and efficient in today’s tough economic climate. Using leading edge technology from Microsoft including Microsoft .NET platform, Microsoft SQL database and the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, our warehouse management system delivers undeniable results and typically an ROI in months, not years. More About Datex FootPrint Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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3PL Warehouse Management Software (3PL)

ManufacturingIf you are a third party logistics (3PL) provider, your business is complicated enough-your software shouldn’t be. Your warehouse management solution should be highly flexible with a myriad of options and scalable to meet your changing business needs and that of all your clients. Datex FootPrint WMS creates a nearly seamless synchronization of people, technology and the proper business processes to achieve the results your business needs to remain competitive and efficient in today’s tough economic climate. Using leading edge technology from Microsoft including Microsoft .NET platform, Microsoft SQL database and the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, our warehouse management system delivers undeniable results and typically an ROI in months, not years. More About Datex 3PL Warehouse Management System (3PL)

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Procurement Software

EDI2Looking for a supply chain software solution that provides a continuous flow of real time information visibility, detailed tracking of inventory, consistent accountability and the documentation of resource allocation and the approval process? We have it. Because we understand that effective project delivery requires the seamless integration of proper resource procurement, allocation and management and real time visibility of information and inventory tracking, we developed a procurement module to do just that.

Originally developed to meet the needs of professionals working in the Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) industry, the new procurement module for Datex FootPrint WMS now provides a full suite of tools to ensure project delivery success. This new suite of tools creates an end-to-end solution from project inception and procurement through to deployment and project delivery. This new procurement software module is especially useful for large scale or enterprise level projects in multiple industries including manufacturing, warehousing construction projects and more. More about Datex Procurement

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3PLWithin the warehouse management system (WMS), cartonization is the shipment oriented process of determining the optimal arrangement of the shipment goods into one or more boxes or cartons. Whether your business is a distributor, third party logistics (3 PL) provider or manufacturer, cartonization can make a positive impact on your bottom line. The Datex FootPrint WMS cartonization module within our warehouse management system allows your company to reduce shipping costs, packaging materials and time. In addition, the new cartonization module of Datex FootPrint WMS minimizes packaging materials usage and errors, ensures compliance with customer and parcel requirements and supports “green” initiatives. More about Cartonization

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Managed Services

WindowsBusinesses rely on technology more than ever before but often do not have the technical internal resources to support these tools. Datex can help. Whether your organization is in need of managed network services, managed security services, web hosting services, mobile device management or other IT services, our experienced information technology team is ready to support your business. With our expertise in business IT solutions, you can be assured that the technology that helps run your business will run smoothly and trouble free.

We are an IT solutions company-top to bottom and stand ready to help your organization reduce business and technology risks. Whether you have a IT department that would benefit from some extra assistance or no in house resources, we can offer supplemental assistance or a full range of solutions including server management, SQL optimization, mobile device management (MDM) If you have additional needs for IT solutions and services, we are ready to help. Read more about what we offer for Managed Services

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Datex Software Solutions: Warehouse Management (WMS), 3PL, Manufacturing, Procurement and Transportation Management (TMS) Software

WorkflowEnterprise Warehouse Management Software

Datex FootPrint WMS is ideal for organizations in need of a powerful solution to provide the visibility, functionality, scalability and flexibility to be used across an enterprise, in multi-warehouse, multi-location scenarios. Developed “from the ground up” using the latest Microsoft technology, the Datex warehouse management system includes advanced functionality, real time inventory visibility and system scalability, critical to large enterprise business operations. More about Datex Enterprise Warehouse Management Software
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ManufacturingManufacturing Software

If your organization is working to improve supply chain efficiency, look no further. As a complement to Datex inventory software, warehouse management system (WMS) and third party logistics (3PL) technology software solutions, Datex has also developed a manufacturing software solution based on Microsoft technology.

The new manufacturing module facilitates manufacturing processes, enables the smooth flow of materials and labor with complete visibility and integrates seamlessly with Datex FootPrint WMS. The system facilitates the smooth operation of your manufacturing operation with tighter inventory control, raw material management and visible accountability for work in progress, including finished goods and components.

This module is ideal for cold storage operators who handle cheese inventory, as well as warehouses which handle wine, spirits, aged meats, vinegars and other products that are aged. More about Datex Manufacturing Software

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Transportation Management Software (TMS)

CourierLooking for transportation software that is powerful enough to run your operation but easy to use and understand? You have come to the right place. In developing software for transportation, Freight can be located from anywhere and routes previously charged rates and other information can be found easily. This transportation management software (TMS) includes an array of customizable filters and features, making it fit like a glove to your business. From dispatch, trucking management and integrated accounting to freight brokerage, this system includes a comprehensive array of tools ideal for any transportation operation. More about Datex Transportation Management Software (TMS)

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile DeviceIt’s official. We live in a nearly completely mobile world. The added convenience and access to real time communication and data does have a price: security and the need for constant oversight. Datex can help. An expert in mobile devices and business IT solutions, Datex can provide your organization with a customized plan of services to meet your budget and business needs.

Between mobile computing devices, smartphones and tablets, your business needs professional IT business solutions including mobile device management (MDM) to make sure that there is constant connectivity, access to real time information and security across your enterprise via mobile devices. Although it can seem daunting, Datex can augment your IT team and provide the MDM and IT business solutions resources you need to make sure that your business is up and running at all times.

What is MDM? Mobile device management is a service offered by Datex that enables all your mobile computing devices to be secured and managed from one central remote location. Using the latest technology and business intelligence tools, Datex can now act as your “Mobile Device Manager”, augmenting your IT team to make sure that your mobile computing needs are met at all times. More about Mobile Device Management

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3PLThird Party Logistics (3PL)

Our WMS handles recurring and anniversary billing, captures and bills for accessorial charges.

WarehouseWarehousing & Distribution

The Datex WMS handles dock door scheduling, kitting & assembly; single, batch, cluster & wave picking and provides excellent track and trace.

Cold StorageCold Storage

Datex FootPrint WMS handles temperature capture, track & trace, multiple simultaneous holds and provides online visibility.


Datex courier industry specialists provide value added services to keep your business running 24/7/365.

FoodFood Manufacturing & Processing

Datex FootPrint WMS provides catch weight, order entry by weight, multiple holds & releases and full track & trace.

DairyCheese & Dairy

The Datex WMS handles temperature capture, track and trace, aging transformation, order entry by weight, Lot, license plate or item number.

PharmaPharma / Life Science

Use new tools provided by Datex FootPrint WMS for added security, audit trail, electronic signature and more to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Precious Metals GemsPrecious Metals Storage / High Value Cargo

Datex FootPrint WMS handles specialized inventory in a variety of container types, has enhanced tracking capabilities and can capture and record variable weights.


The Datex WMS handles production order entry, multiple level Bill of Materials, product substitution or change, single, cluster and batch picking and much more.


Datex supply chain management software suite now includes an inventory management system developed to meet the needs of medical practices.

News & Events

We Are Always Making News!

Browse the latest news about our supply chain logistics software solutions, warehouse management software (WMS) and Datex IT solutions and services to learn more about how Datex is impacting the industries we serve. Read our featured news below or click here to read all our news.

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View to gain insightful information into innovative means of solving business challenges using Datex software and managed services solutions and learn about leading edge technology. View our featured webinars below or click here to see a full listing of our webinars for you to view.

McCook Cold Storage Selects Datex FootPrint® WMS 3PL Warehouse Management System

Clearwater, Florida (January 30, 2014)-McCook Cold Storage (MCCS), a family owned and operated temperature controlled warehouse and transportation facility in McCook Illinois selected Datex FootPrint WMS software to improve its warehouse operations…

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Diversified Entities, LLC Implements Datex FootPrint® WMS 3PL Warehouse Management System

Clearwater, Florida (Feb 18, 2014)- Diversified Entities, LLC a multi temperature, bonded 3PL warehouse in Melrose Park Illinois selected Datex FootPrint® WMS software to assist in streamlining their day to day warehouse operations…

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Leading Courier and 3PL Solution Providor Datex to Participate in the FMA Annual Winter Meeting

Clearwater Fla. (Jan 23, 2014) Supply chain technology solution provider Datex will be participating in the 2014 Florida Messenger Association (FMA) Winter Meeting in Orlando Florida January 24th and 25th.  The educational and networking event…

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Motorola Solutions “Warehouse Mobility – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Factors” Webinar

MotoWeb3This webinar explores the factors that enterprise customers need to consider when making technology purchases, other than just the initial investment cost. The presentation provides viewers with a better understanding of what cost factors need to be figured into the TCO of a mobile technology device and how to determine what those outlays will be for the usable lifetime of the device. Register to Watch!

StoneCross Group “The 9 Potential Value Leaks of Performance-Based Labor” Webinar

Grebinar.Still003To ensure that businesses derive maximum value, it is critical that performance based labor programs be deployed effectively. During this webinar, viewers will learn what performance based labor is, its potential value to warehouse operations and how this differs from traditional labor outsourcing models including temporary workforce and permanent workforce models. In addition, the presentation reviews key ways that performance based labor programs can generate value in operations as well as potential “value leaks”. Register to Watch!


Datex is Proud of Our Customers.

We use Footprint at Ocean Cold and without it we would never have been able to keep up with the SKU sprawl we have encountered over the last 2 years. Going from 20 to nearly 2000 SKUs has been little challenge with the help of a true RF WMS. Our parent companies decision to build a large cold storage coupled with our decision to use Footprint has saved our corporation millions during the economic downturn.

Datex Testimonial Ross Rydman - Ocean Cold LLCRoss Rydman,
General Manager at
Ocean Cold, LLC
Greater Seattle Area

Datex Testimonial Vanita Baumgartner - Colony Brands

So now I’m confident with the Datex system we can be Johnny on the spot with getting what we need for information in the event of a catastrophic type of event.

Vanita Baumgartner,
Dir. Of Operations of Food Manufacturing
Colony Brands
Madison, WI USA

ABC Logistica has been partnered with Datex for 4 years now and I’m happy to say that I’ve always received superior support and the answers to all my questions whenever I’ve needed it.Datex Testimonial Marco Arturo Martinez Zuniga - ABC Logistica, S A De C V

Marco Arturo Martinez Zuniga,
ABC Logistica, S A De C V
Tepotzotlan, MEX

We at Datex strive to have successful working relationships with our customers. We are truly proud to have proud customers. If you want to hear more from our customers Click Here.


Warehouse Management System | Datex Corporation

Warehouse Management System http://datexcorp.com/solutions/warehouse-management-system-for-3pl-wms Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn more about Datex. Since 1978, Datex has been helping businesses with their mobile technology and automated system needs. Today Datex has clients all over the world including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Datex has corporate offices in Clearwater Florida and Montreal Canada. All our software solutions were built by our development team "from the ground up" using state-of-the-art Microsoft technology. Our team takes great pride in developing solutions that save our clients money and enable them to be less dependent upon us. Our software is highly configurable, flexible and scalable, ideal for growing businesses. Our awards speak for themselves. Datex has been recognized year after year by Inbound Logistics and Food Logistics Magazines for the excellence of our warehouse management software. Currently our software is in use in the third party logistics, warehousing and distribution, cold storage, manufacturing, food and beverage, vault management, apparel, pharmaceutical and other industries. Our company is actively involved in numerous industry associations including IWLA, IARW, CLDA, ECA, FMA and others. Keeping connected to the industries we serve helps us provide software that meets regulatory and other industry needs and facilitates a better understanding of our clients' daily challenges. Over the past 35 plus years, Datex has formed valuable partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Motorola, Honeywell and Vocollect, just to name a few. Our longstanding relationships help us provide superior pricing and service for our clients and keep us updated on the latest innovations coming to market. Datex can act as a "one stop shop" and provide complete turnkey solutions including supply chain software; hardware purchase, installation and configuration; and consulting, professional and managed services. Please contact us today to learn how Datex can help your business. Copyright 2014 - Datex Corporation - All Rights Reserved- 1-800-933-2839 http://youtu.be/lV9WrVQELvU