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Technology, especially supply chain software is now critical to successful operation of third party logistics (3PL) businesses.  With the increasing cost of fuel, third party logistics providers must find new ways to run lean, efficient operations with heightened productivity.  Using a warehouse management system, especially one in combination with radio frequency (RF) technology and mobile computing solutions ensures accurate, automated operations, higher customer satisfaction and greater systematic efficiency.

By using RF technology and mobile computers with Datex FootPrint WMS, third party logistics providers can capture and bill for all accessorial charges automatically.  With the easy to use Billing Wizard, users can set up customer specific contracts and bill easily using the charges captured in real time operations.


With Datex FootPrint WMS, 3PL operations can track and trace products by SKU, UPC, Lot, serial number, vat code, batch, component, ingredient and more.  Using this comprehensive functionality, third party logistics providers can quickly and easily locate inventory involved with product recalls.

Non-technical users will love the reporting system.  Users can simply “drag and drop” fields into the format of their choice to create customized reports or select one of the many standardized reports within the system.

Datex FootPrint WMS includes a powerful workflow engine that manages business processes throughout the operation.  Using workflow instead of a warehouse management system that uses static hard coding means operational processes can be changed more readily, saving your business time, labor and money.

The Datex warehouse management system includes a superior, easy to use order management system.  Datex FootPrint WMS handles a diverse range of inventory including food, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, bulk weight products, serialized goods and much more.  This warehouse management system can handle multiple commodities within the same warehouse as well as multiple customers and multiple locations.

  • 3PL Billing Management
  • LOT Track and Trace
  • Order Management
  • Ownership Transfer Management
  • RF Real-Time Capture
  • Online visibility
  • Transaction Time and Date Stamping
  • Multiple customer/owner
  • Multiple warehouse
  • Multiple Ownership Transfer
  • Blind receiving
  • Order entry by weight, LOT, License plate or item number

Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS Billing Strategy


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