Datex Cartonization Software

One of the newest additions to the Datex warehouse management software solution (WMS) is cartonization.

This warehouse management feature makes enhanced packaging decisions based upon business rules, order data and SKU information. The WMS software selects optimized packaging based upon the dimensions, weight, position, fragility and other factors of the products being shipped in order to determine the optimal packaging for shipping.

The addition of the Cartonization module to Datex FootPrint WMS is another enhancement designed to maximize profitability by reducing waste and inefficiency. The cartonization feature of the Datex warehouse management solution (WMS) enables businesses to decrease order returns and damages, lower labor, material and freight costs and improve productivity. Using the Cartonization module can provide faster packaging turnaround and result in higher customer satisfaction rates.

For businesses working towards being “green”, cartonization is a critical tool in any supply chain logistics green initiative. The Datex Cartonization module of Datex FootPrint WMS includes the ability to meet carrier rules and can coordinate multiple carton orders. Using Cartonization, businesses can be better prepared for both peak and nonpeak operation periods. Because the Cartonization module can determine the best packaging option, less labor is required, often resulting in dramatic savings.

Datex Cartonization Flow Chart


What is Warehouse Management Cartonization?

What is Warehouse Management Cartonization? What is cartonization? Cartonization is the process of evaluating the items included in an order to determine the number and size of each shipping carton needed. The weight, height, length and width of each item is used along with basic mathematics to determine the best way to pack each carton. The Datex Cartonization module determines the best way to pack each container based upon the products it must contain. The system determines the order in which each carton is packed after considering factors like the fragility and dimensions of each item. Within the Datex Cartonization module is sophisticated logic and decision making capabilities. Each item is considered separately as well as in combination with the other items to be packed. The system considers the weight and fragility of each item as well as overall dimensions to determine packing order and item positioning. Packaging materials are also taken into consideration. The system uses logic to determine if the shipment needs to be split into one or more containers . By carefully positioning each item and using the correct size of box, damages and packaging cost can be minimized. The Datex Cartonization module is easy to learn and use. Part of the Datex warehouse management system, using the Cartonization module can help your business save money and reduce damages. How can the Datex Cartonization module help your business? This system increases the accuracy of coordinating multiple orders, decreases order returns and improves customer and parcel compliance. Using the Cartonization module reduces material, shipping and packaging costs and helps to improve customer satisfaction rates. Contact us today for a real time demonstration of the Datex Cartonization. Let us show you how using this software can help make your operation more profitable.