Manufacturing Management Software

Our new manufacturing module include the ability to track and balance raw materials and finished goods, specify production lines and link equipment to product type and create production orders. Equipment usage can be specified from multiple locations.

Key to food safety, the manufacturing module of our warehouse management system can automatically advance the expiration date of a product based upon the time it spends out of optimal storage conditions such as refrigeration. This feature is especially useful for food products with multiple components that have shorter shelf life, such as the eggs and milk used in items like bakery. The manufacturing module allows the system to capture temperature in multiple locations. Also useful for ensuring food safety is the ability of the system to track changes in the product Lot number without losing historical information, including all component information. With the recent regulatory changes, product traceability is critical. Datex FootPrint WMS is an essential tool in meeting inventory traceability needs, facilitating product recalls and in saving on labor and time associated with inventory track and trace.

For products that are aged or which undergo changes into a new product, such as wine, or spirits, or for cheddar cheese aging to become aged cheddar cheese, the manufacturing module provides for material transformation such as SKU to SKU. This is ideal for packaging changes.

Quality Assurance

The Datex manufacturing module also facilitates quality assurance processes. Using the new system, users can schedule and perform quality inspections, taste testing and visual inspection of products. The system also provides a means of handling holds and quarantines for a variety of purposes.

Manufacturing Management Technical Details


Manufacturing and Production

  • Specification of production lines
  • Tracks and balances raw materials and inventory during production
  • Automatic advancement of the expiration date based upon the time out of optimal storage conditions, such as refrigeration
  • Material transformation (SKU to SKU, for example ), great for packaging changes
  • Change of lot number without losing historical information, including all component information
  • Create production orders
  • Capture temperatures in multiple locations
  • Specify equipment usage from various locations
  • Link equipment to product type
  • Pallet tracking
  • Third party ASN order
  • Simultaneous allocation across multiple warehouses
  • Automatic BOM creation

Quality Assurance

  • Perform quality inspections
  • Schedule taste testing and other quality processes